[OVC-demo-team] Combined file release oddities

From: David Mertz <voting-project_at_gnosis_dot_cx>
Date: Tue Mar 23 2004 - 15:22:11 CST

On Mar 23, 2004, at 1:33 AM, Fred McLain wrote:
> I've taken the current state of our project and created a combined
> package with all of the current CVS snapshot and Eron's e-mailed files

I'm looking through the archive, and I see a number of things that look
out of place. However, I'm reluctant to move anything around in CVS
and/or create a new archive--in case someone is relying on the current
layout. Still, I thought it worth at least documenting what I notice:

- All the CVS and CVSROOT directories are superfluous for a file

- The /evm_files/evm/evmgui/ directory is superfluous since it reflects
Anand's discontinued wxPython effort. It's presence might confuse new
testers, in fact.

- I would probably flatten the hierarchy a bit:


- Actually, putting an appropriate 'setup.py' (and MANIFEST, PKG-INFO)
into the root would let us do the regular "python setup.py install"
type thing to create the evm2003 package (and subpackages). Of course,
some of that isn't things to import, but things to run; but there's no
harm in putting everything into the local
$PYTHONPATH/site-packages/evm2003/ (we can always symlink or copy files
elsewhere too).

- A number of things seem to be in the wrong place in the hierarchy.

   * README and wizard.py are under bva/ but should be under brp/
   * bva.py is under test/ rather than under bva/
   * the README under test/ also seems to pertain to bva/
   * utils/README.convert is probably out-of-date since I modified

I'm sure there are things I haven't noticed too. A lot of this may
just reflect things that are sitting on folks' harddrives rather than
checked into CVS. The stuff with directory reorganization could easily
be done with a shell script (I'd be happy to write that).

Btw. I feel embarrassed not to know this, but what exactly is the cvs
command to pull down the whole EVM hierarchy? I'm sure I could find
instructions, but I think a few members know it offhand.

Yours, David...

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