Re: [OVC-demo-team] BRP code/documentation update

From: Fred McLain <mclain_at_zipcon_dot_net>
Date: Mon Mar 22 2004 - 18:17:52 CST

On Mon, 22 Mar 2004 18:53:59 -0500, David Mertz <>

> I'm perfectly happy to declare the demo assumes SUSE (version ?). I've
> had good experiences with that distro (though not any super-recent
> version). And if we just state one distro/version, we can avoid any
> unexpected library clashes and the like.

Alan has Fedora installed at this point, I'm sure why we would want to
change distributions. I had recommeneded the upgrade since Redhat 9 (the
previous choice) goes out of support next month.

> Btw. For those who don't know, Knoppix is the most popular "live CD"
> Linux distribution. You can boot directly from CD into a working Linux
> system, complete with a pretty KDE desktop. Other customizers of

Note that as of version 9, (just released), SUsE has a bootable disk
version as well.

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