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>Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2004 01:13:05 -0800
>From: Debbie Mytels
>Subject: "Another mysterioius accident"
>Stories like this make me wonder about the
>possibility that something really nasty is going
>and whatever one can speculate about his death,
>it's clear that this man was a hero. What a
>Looking forward to seeing you at Joan Paulin's on Sunday afternoon, 3 to 6.
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>Published on Wednesday, March 17, 2004 by the Free Press / Columbus, Ohio
>Death of a Patriot: No More 'Blind Faith Voting'
>by Bob Fitrakis
>The subject line on yesterday's email read: "Another mysterious accident
>solves a Bush problem. Athan Gibbs dead, Diebold
>lives." The attached news story
>briefly described the untimely Friday, March 12th death of perhaps America's
>most influential advocate of a verified voting paper trail in the era of touch
>screen computer voting. Gibbs, an accountant for more than 30 years and the
>inventor of the TruVote system, died when his
>vehicle collided with an 18-wheeled
>truck which rolled his Chevy Blazer several times and forced it over the
>highway retaining wall where it came to rest on its roof.
>Gibbs' death bears heightened scrutiny because of the way he lived his life
>after the 2000 Florida election debacle. I interviewed Athan Gibbs in January
>of this year. "I've been an accountant, an
>auditor, for more than thirty years.
>Electronic voting machines that don't supply a paper trail go against every
>principle of accounting and auditing that's being taught in American business
>schools," he insisted.
>"These machines are set up to provide paper trails. No business in America
>would buy a machine that didn't provide a paper trail to audit and verify its
>transaction. Now, they want the people to purchase machines that you can't
>audit? It's absurd."
>Gibbs was in Columbus, Ohio proudly displaying his TruVote machine that
>offered a "VVPAT, that's a voter verified paper audit trail" he noted.
>Gibbs also suggested that I look into the "people behind the other machines."
>He offered that "Diebold and ES& S are real interesting and all Republicans.
>If you're an investigative reporter go ahead and investigate. You'll find some
>interesting material."
>Gibbs' TruVote machine is a marvel. After voters touch the screen, a paper
>ballot prints out under plexiglass and once the
>voter compares it to his actual
>vote and approves it, the ballot drops into a lockbox and is issued a numbered
>receipt. The voter's receipt allows the track his particular vote to make
>sure that it was transferred from the polling place to the election tabulation
>My encounter with Gibbs led to a cover story in the Columbus Free Press
>March-April issue, entitled, "Diebold,
>electronic voting and the vast right-wing
>conspiracy." The thesis I advanced in the Free
>Press article is that some of the
>same right-wing individuals who backed the CIA's covert actions and
>overthrowing of democratic elections in the
>Third World in the 1980s are now involved
>in privatized touch screen voting. Additionally I co-wrote an article with
>Harvey Wasserman that was posted at MotherJones.com on March 5, 2004. Both
>articles outlined ties between far right
>elements of the Republican Party and Diebold
>and ES&S, which count the majority of the nation's electronic votes.
>As I wrote in the Free Press article, "Proponents of a paper trail were
>emboldened when Athan Gibbs, President and CEO of TruVote International,
>demonstrated a voting machine at a vendor's fair
>in Columbus that provides two separate
>voting receipts."
>In an interview on WVKO radio, Gibbs calmly and methodically explained the
>dangers of "black box" touch screen voting. "It
>absolutely makes no sense to buy
>electronic voting machines that can't produce a paper trail. Inevitably,
>computers mess up. How are you going to have a
>recount, or correct malfunctions
>without a paper trail?
>Now, the man asking the obvious question, and demonstrating an obvious
>tangible solution is dead in another tragic
>accident, a week after both articles
>were in circulation. When I called TruVote
>International to verify Gibbs' death,
>I reached Chief Financial Officer Adrenne Brandon who assured me "We're going
>on in his memory. We're going to make this happen." Every American concerned
>with democracy should pledge to make this happen. To beat back the rush for
>state governments to purchase privatized, partisan and unreliable electronic
>voting machines without verified paper trails.
>Gibbs' last words to me were "How do explain what happened to Senator Max
>Cleland in Georgia. How do you explain that? The Maryland study and the Johns
>Hopkins scientists have warned us against 'blind
>faith voting.' These systems can
>be hacked into. They found patches in Georgia and the people servicing the
>machine had entered the machines during the voting process. How can we the
>people accept this? No more blind faith voting."
>Dr. Bob Fitrakis is Senior Editor of The Free Press (http://freepress.org), a
>political science professor, and author of numerous articles and books.
> 1970-2004 The Columbus Free Press

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