Re: [OVC-demo-team] EVM2003 & Indian Elections

From: Jeff Almeida <spud_at_spudzeppelin_dot_com>
Date: Thu Mar 18 2004 - 09:38:57 CST

>When we get around to pushing OVC in other countries, we certainly will
>need to chill out on the Americana. I guess some is on the website,
>but the printed ballots also have all the "patriotic" symbolism on
>them. Still, other watermarks and images are easy enough to

<MarketroidHat>I don't know. After all, for 228 years, we've been the
leading exporter of representative-democratic governments limited by written
constitutions... perhaps we need to make a bigger point about the American
flag, statue of liberty, et al as symbols of democracy, much like the
golden arches represent cheap, homogeneous beef (which may not be
particularly popular in India, granted).

If we start swapping logos in-and-out, like the Swedish 3-crowned-thing,
we run the risk of diluting our brand with symbols that may not be
conceptually equivalent -- the Swedish symbol being much more
representative of a monarchy than a democracy, for example.

Maybe the best solution is to find some symbolism that isn't so
overwhelmingly American but still connotes the idea -- like the Jefferson
Memorial or something.</MarketroidHat>

jeff :)

Jeff D. "Spud (Zeppelin)" Almeida
Corinth, TX
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