Re: [OVC-demo-team] Demo Scheduled

From: Troy Davis <troy_at_digissance_dot_com>
Date: Thu Mar 18 2004 - 09:26:40 CST

One other issue: I couldn't get sox to work for audio playback on Mac
OS X. I wound up replacing the call for it with qtplay, a command line
quicktime player. But it was giving text feedback on-screen for each
file played, which made the screen pretty ugly, especially when reading
back the write-ins. Not like that's important for the RII's intended
audience, but a person with good vision might not overlook the
aesthetics. There's a "-q" switch to make qtplay skip the text
feedback, but I couldn't get the command line argument to work in I tried replacing the -t switch with -q, and also adding " -q"
to the end of the second argument (the path to the sound player), but
neither worked.

Thank You,

On Mar 18, 2004, at 9:25 AM, Jan Karrman wrote:
> On Wed, 17 Mar 2004, Alan Dechert wrote:
>> We will use several PCs but it occurred to me that it might be wise to
>> employ a Mac also. The demo will, after all, be near the HQ of
>> Apple, so it
>> might help get some buy-in (think "Strategic Member") from Apple.
>> Troy
>> Davis has tested the RII application with a Mac so we know it can be
>> done.
>> I need a volunteer to setup/configure/test etc a Mac for the RII.
>> Arthur
>> has a Mac that can be used for this.
> I remember Troy felt that the read back of write-in names was painfully
> slow. Since a process is forked for each audio file, it may be so that
> ii is slower on a Mac because of how it handles processes. The RII
> also felt a little slower when I ran it under windose.
> This ought to be compared before choosing platform for the RII.
> /Jan
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