[OVC-demo-team] Re: Please test the RII

From: Troy Davis <troy_davis_at_slipstream_dot_com>
Date: Sun Mar 07 2004 - 22:46:28 CST

On Mar 7, 2004, at 10:52 AM, Jan Karrman wrote:
> Has anyone actually tested the Reading Impaired Interface yet? Maybe
> it isn't as important as the GUI for the demo, but this is something
> that also must work properly.
> /Jan

Hi Jan,

Fred McLain had given links to info about UML use case diagrams, along
with a notes format. I didn't get far on the UML modeling info yet, but
I did get the software running on my Mac OS X box and documented a
run-through in a style similar to Fred's example. I had to change the
calls to sox in RII.py to another command line sound player, qtplay,
but the source code was otherwise unchanged.

One item that confused me was that I tried to hit the down arrow after
it said that I had stated no preference on a contest. This was true,
and I assumed I had to confirm it, so I hit the down arrow key after
hearing that. It skipped the intro to the next contest, and I just got
candidate names. I don't think it's a major problem, I went back at the
end and entered a vote, but it seemed non-obvious to me, everything
else required the down arrow to confirm, why not "no preference"?

I've got UML widgets in a diagramming tool I'm using, but I haven't
used them before. I'll look into it if still desired, let me know.

Thank You,

RII User Walkthrough
Sunday March 7th, 11:00 PM
Files checked out from CVS earlier tonight.
RII.py modified to use qtplay instead of sox (Mac OS X machine)
I began by changing into the rii directory and typing "python
runrii.py. I assume a poll worker would start the program for the voter
in this instance.

  1. Gave "Press the down arrow key to start", repeated while User typed.
  2. User hit down key.
  3. Gave privacy folder info.
  4. User hit down key.
  5. Gave three subjects overview.
  6. User hit down key.
  7. Gave list of President / V.P. candidates
  8. User hit down key.
  9. Gave Washington and Lincoln as option.
10. User hit down key.
11. Gave confirmation.
12. Gave US Senator candidates
13. User hit down key.
14. Gave candidates, User did nothing.
15. Stated no preference.
16. User hit down key.
17. Description for next race was skipped unexpectedly, candidate
choices were read. (Maybe down keys should be optional for "no
preference" so that it doesn't skip the next intro?)
18. User made no selection.
19. Gave "no preference" answer. User didn't hit the down arrow this
20. Gave Attorney General intro.
21. User hit down key.
22. Gave candidates.
23. User hit down key on Clinton.
24. Gave confirmation.
25. Gave Education Commissioner intro.
26. User hit down key.
27. Gave candidates.
28. User hit down key on Carl Sagan.
29. Gave confirmation.
30. Gave state senator intro.
31. User hit escape key.
32. State senator intro repeated.
33. User hit down key.
34. Gave candidates.
35. User hit down key on Ingersoll.
36. Gave confirmation.
37. Gave state assembly intro.
38. User hit down key.
39. Gave candidates.
40. User hit down key on Hughes.
41. Gave confirmation.
42. Gave solar power amendment intro.
43. User hit down key.
44. Gave choices.
45. User hit down key on yes.
46. Gave confirmation.
47. Gave health care amendment intro.
48. User hit down key.
49. Gave choices.
50. User hit down key on yes.
51. Gave confirmation.
52. Gave term limits intro.
53. User hit down key.
54. Gave choices.
55. User hit down key on no.
56. Gave confirmation.
57. Gave cat catcher intro.
58. User hit down arrow.
59. Gave choices.
60. User hit down on Oprah Winfrey.
61. Gave confirmation.
62. Said User have two choices left.
63. Read Howard Stern.
64. User selected Howard Stern.
65. Said User have once choice left.
66. Read candidates.
67. User hit down key on Rosie O'Donnell.
68. Gave confirmation.
69. Gave county commissioner intro.
70. User hit down arrow key.
71. User skipped the first two names, hit down key on Steve Jobs.
72. Gave confirmation.
73. Asked for second candidate.
74. User hit down key on Philip Kahn.
75. Gave confirmation.
76. Asked for third candidate.
77. User did nothing.
78. Gave list of choices made.
79. User hit right arrow twice, then down arrow for senator.
80. User hit down key on Willard.
81. Gave confirmation.
82. Gave printing instructions.
83. User hit down key to print ballot.
84. Program exited with error and traceback, starting with: [Errno 2]
No such file or directory: '../data/ps/postscript.zlib'

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