Re: [OVC-demo-team] BRP update

From: Fred McLain <mclain_at_zipcon_dot_net>
Date: Fri Mar 05 2004 - 22:49:15 CST

Hi Eron,

On Fri, 2004-03-05 at 07:49, Eron Lloyd wrote:I have no problem tackling
a majority of this, except for when handing the
> ballots. I really haven't had a chance to examine the existing XML I/O API
> yet, only having put code stubs in place in my code thus far. If someone
> could simply summarize the API, that will help save me time. What would be
> *extremely* helpful would be a collection of sample ballot.xml files, all
> with randomly different values that I can test through the BRP.

One of the sources I've found useful for Python in general is Dive Into
Python ( which was
mentioned on this list earlier. There's an XML section at that may be of use
to you. It doesn't do a very good job at describing how to do DOM or
XPath however. PyXML ( might be a good
path. I'm sure David and others can give much better pointers on this.

My day to day work at SchemaLogic ( is
entirely focused on XML and SOAP. Feel free to send any questions about
XML parsing my way, on or off the list. Of the different ways to handle
XML, I suggest you go the XPath route. Don't try to tackle SAX, DOM &
XPath methods are fine. Speed of development counts for more right now
then speed of processing.


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