[OVC-demo-team] Re: Finishing up the M1 code

From: Anand Pillai <anand_pillai_at_fastmail_dot_fm>
Date: Fri Mar 05 2004 - 04:20:53 CST

Hello Fred

    Just tell me in a few steps what to do and I will have
it done by coming Wednesday, i.e March 10th.

    Since I am not quite clear about how xml fits in with
ballot reconciliaion, a few tips will help to get a start.

    Once I get the start, you can expect the code ready
in a couple of days. Just give the digest by Monday 7th.



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Subject: Finishing up the M1 code

Hello all,

Thank you all for the great work you're doing. We're in the final stage
right now and have a firm deadline to meet.

I believe we are in agreement that we can make the demo date given the
responses I have heard so far. If anyone has concerns about this it's
time to speak up. With early warning I can bring in some help, without
it we risk missing our goal. Please contact me if you need any help,
need more specific requirements, or would like another team member to
join in on your parts. To make the demo date with absolute confidence
we need to have the following work items very near completion in the
next 5-7 days.

Work items to finish are:

1) Integrate the printing system with John Paul's code, this is a John
Paul and Jan project. A startup argument or the presence of a file on
disk can indicate if the results go to the printer or are displayed on
the screen. Add an outer control loop around the voting station GUI
code (likely will be enhanced).

2) Anand, We also need the file transfer code to move the ballot xml
files off to disk and on to the reconciliation system. Alan would like
for this to be a CD burn, cdrecord works great for this sort of thing.

3) Reading the voting station files and doing the tally in the
reconciliation system - Eron.

If you can help out with Eron's work, please do, that's the critical
path right now. Code he can call from the UI would be great. See the
wizard.py file.

Note that we may drop packaging (i.e. RPM's) from the demo requirements
and do a manual install if needed to make the date.

Since SF is acting up, I encourage everyone to e-mail to this list the
current state of their code. We can merge as needed.

Seeing your software used to solve real problems is a great joy and what
I often think I really work for (then I get hungry :). Here we have a
chance to see it on TV. This is going to be a blast!



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