Re: [OVC-demo-team] Re: Reconciliation System GUI (was: Re: Ballot GUI)

From: David Mertz <voting-project_at_gnosis_dot_cx>
Date: Wed Feb 25 2004 - 13:53:11 CST

On Wednesday, February 25, 2004, at 02:22 PM, Jan Karrman wrote:
> If there isn't anything fundamentally wrong with the format I have
> used,
> I'd like to keep it as it is. A sample document is attached.
> <v-20041104-US-CA-Santa_Clara_County-2216-4310-213.xml>

I strongly concur with Jan here. Someone might quibble with some
detail of the format (attribute names, capitalization, the "coupled"
thing , whatever)--but basically, we've been over this stuff, and the
format Jan presents seems extremely reasonable to me. Jan has done
some wonderful work that assumes this format, and there is no reason to
require (even small) changes to that at this point.

Who knows, possibly post-demo some new concern will come up--e.g. in
the security analysis--but let's leave that possibility until later...
when or if it comes up concretely.

Btw. A feature of the format to notice is that contests have no
inherent order (which I believe is indeed the correct semantics). So
different surface forms can equivalently represent the same voter
action. Concretely, I don't think we'll see that in our apps--but a
hypothetical "clean room" component like that I mentioned before would
not be incorrect if it had such variations.

Here's a simple example of two semantically identical ballots:

<cast_ballot election_date="2004-11-04" country="US" state="CA" 
county="Santa Clara County" number="4310" precinct="2216" serial="213" 
   <contest ordered="No" coupled="No" name="Senator">
     <selection writein="No">Frances E. Willard</selection>
   <contest ordered="No" coupled="No" name="U.S. Representative">
     <selection writein="Yes">Goofy</selection>
<cast_ballot country="US" state="CA" county="Santa Clara County" 
precinct="2216" number="4310" serial="213" source="voting_machine" 
election_date="2004-11-04" >
   <contest ordered="No" coupled="No" name="U.S. Representative">
     <selection writein="Yes">Goofy</selection>
   <contest coupled="No" name="Senator" ordered="No" >
     <selection writein="No">Frances E. Willard</selection>
I switched around some attribute orders here: the fact I can do so is 
part of the XML spec itself.  I also changed the order of the two 
contents, which is allowed by the semantics of our OVC format.
It's easy enough to check the infoset semantics of ballots using tools 
like XSLT or gnosis.xml.objectify, but it will take a couple lines of 
code if such a comparison is needed.
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