[OVC-demo-team] Re: Reconciliation System GUI

From: Fred McLain <mclain_at_zipcon_dot_net>
Date: Tue Feb 24 2004 - 21:21:43 CST

Hi Eron & all,

On Tue, 2004-02-24 at 14:48, Eron Lloyd wrote:
> Was anything decided so we can move forward with the BRS? I don't want to
> begin coding again until I'm clear that I've got the green light to do so. It
> would be great to have another Qt developer on board, but I'd like to
> advocate we stick with Python as our implementation language (for the many
> reasons discussed before).

Yes, let's move forward with this. I'd like to get Greg involved as
well since he's shown an interest too, but I haven't heard from him for
a bit. If he wants to jump in we can split the screens between you.

As we discussed in IM, please review the goals at the end of README.M1
regarding the reconciliation software. I would like to see the screens
checked in first so Alan and all can review them at the earliest
possible point.

Jan has checked in his code sections for converting the bar code scans.
I'm still on the hunt for the rumored code for reading the scanner
hardware - if we can't find it we can make it! I would guess that
reading from a Linux serial port is really no big deal in Python.

Remember, the thrust on M1 is keeping it simple, and doing integration.
M2 can be more ambitious.



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