[OVC-demo-team] Re: Reconciliation System GUI (was: Re: Ballot GUI)

From: Eron Lloyd <elloyd_at_lancaster_dot_lib_dot_pa_dot_us>
Date: Tue Feb 24 2004 - 16:48:05 CST

Hi there,

Was anything decided so we can move forward with the BRS? I don't want to
begin coding again until I'm clear that I've got the green light to do so. It
would be great to have another Qt developer on board, but I'd like to
advocate we stick with Python as our implementation language (for the many
reasons discussed before).

Also, I noticed Alan's code for the BVA; it is assuming it will be run in a
Win32 environment? I thought the goal was to produce a system using
completely open components? If all he needs is something to read barcodes and
generate an audio playlist, that can be done in Linux just as easily. It
would also complicate matters if the ballot and reconciliation software
targets X11 instead. Let's nail down some harder technical specs.

Going back to the BRS, is my workflow pretty accurate? Here it is again:

1. User verification/authentication
2. Voting Station inventory checking
3. Manual voted ballot count/scan
4. Collect voting station data (check #2)
5. Check test ballots
6. Register spoiled/missing ballots
7. Compute/report errors on totals (#3 == #4 - (#5 + #6))
8. Serialize voter data; run diff on ballot vs. vote station data

This could be done any number of ways; I remember Matteo envisioning a suite
of simple programs that could be strung together. I'd like to see things more
integrated as components instead, as both approaches solve the same goals but
I don't see why such loose coupling is necessary. Is this to be a full-blown
GUI application, a simple UI-wizard type system, or done on the command line?
Or would it be up to us to see what we can do? Also important is how we
structure the codebase. Will we be installing this as a Python site-package?
Will each component be a separate package?



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On Saturday 21 February 2004 3:41 pm, Fred McLain wrote:
> Hi Greg,
> I'd like to go ahead with the image based ballot. It's a much simpler
> and more accurate implementation then anything we could do with widgets
> in the time we have. However, I'd like to see a widget based mock-up of
> the reconciliation software. Eron has expressed interest in working on
> this as well. If you two could coordinate on this it would be
> terrific. I recommend posting to the demo list on how we approach
> this. For now I'm language agnostic on how we approach it, results
> count more then Python vs C++ (I'm assuming you are using QT/C++ and not
> QT/Python, correct?).
> Alan tells me Jan has contributions for the reconciliation software.
> I've queried him on this and am awaiting a response. If it's python and
> you are doing C++, perhaps a system() call to run his stuff might be
> appropriate.
> Screen mock ups for the reconciliation system would be a great first
> step. A rough outline of these is on the Wiki:
> http://gnosis.python-hosting.com/cgi-bin/wiki.cgi?BallotReconciliation
> You do have commit access to CVS, so feel free to add a new subproject
> under src/evm2003 for the reconciliation system work you do.
> Thank you!
> -Fred-
> P.S. Please add me to your IM if you have one, addresses follow. ICQ
> and AIM always work, Y! and MSN are problematic from time to time.
> On Tue, 2004-02-17 at 21:01, Greg Stern wrote:
> > Fred,
> >
> > I haven't taken a look at what John-Paul has done yet (need to install
> > pygame and I left my Suse CDs at work) but I started yesterday
> > working on the ballot GUI.
> >
> > I would say I will have it finished by the end of this weekend. I have
> > implemented the key Qt GUI elements and was putting them together and
> > reading the voting info from the XML file.
> >
> > Should I continue this work and check it in?

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