Re: [OVC-demo-team] If you'd like it...

From: Eron Lloyd <elloyd_at_lancaster_dot_lib_dot_pa_dot_us>
Date: Thu Feb 19 2004 - 22:53:53 CST

Hi Paul,

> I apologize if there was any shortfall in my communications on this.
> I've been trying to stress that all we need for the ballot itself is a
> picture we can click on (see the M1 goals and my work flow post
> Monday).

It's OK, I guess we just didn't establish anything clearly... honestly the
first I recall simply using the actual image instead of reproducing it using
a real UI (wxPython, PyQt, whatever) was in your reference to PyGame the
beginning of the week, with a sudden new contributer submitting code based on
that change the next day. I ask that such sudden shifts in direction please
be avoided in the future. The question I have though is that if we can
produce a fully-functional demo application (which can definately happen,
given the timeline Alan posted), why not?

> I greatly appreciate the amount of effort you have gone to
> here. All is not lost though! Your approach and efforts are strongly
> needed on the ballot reconciliation system, which does not have such a
> strict requirement on layout (identical to the graphic). It also
> appears that your on screen keyboard is very close to what is needed for
> write ins on the ballot system. Is it already at a point where it can
> be integrated into the ballot screen?

Has anyone committed any work to this yet? From the Wiki, it seems this
application would have to complete quite a few tasks in order:

1. User verification/authentication
2. Voting Station inventory checking
3. Manual voted ballot count/scan
4. Collect voting station data (check #2)
5. Check test ballots
6. Register spoiled/missing ballots
7. Compute/report errors on totals (#3 == #4 - (#5 + #6))
8. Serialize voter data; run diff on ballot vs. vote station date
9. Compute raw tally
10. Run reports
11. Full tabulation
12. Reports and tabulation results

Very doable. Where do I begin? DO we make this a console app, or should I use
PyQt? Your call... As far as the keypad, its tightly integrated into my demo
stuff, so wouldn't make sense to use unless we use the whole thing. I could
make it happen if you want, though.

> Frankly I would have been very much more clear if I had seen code
> earlier. Again, I would like to stress to everyone to check in
> intermediate code even if it breaks at this point. We need to use CVS
> to keep our efforts from overlapping or drifting out of sync with the
> *demo* requirements.

Besides CVS though, which we could all branch and do separate things, we need
to as a group decide on a path and follow it; this includes who does what,
etc. A code repository won't solve communication issues.

Take care,


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