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From: Eron Lloyd <elloyd_at_lancaster_dot_lib_dot_pa_dot_us>
Date: Wed Feb 18 2004 - 21:13:24 CST

(Sorry if this comes across twice--think I hit that attachment ceiling)

Hello all,

Noticed all the active discussion since last weekend. While I am pleased to
see a bit more progress and interest on moving forward (welcome, John-Paul!),
I am a bit disappointed that we still seem to be moving in so many
directions, without specific decisions being made. Last week we talked about
implementing the UI, and though I didn't get a formal yay or nay from anyone
except for David M., I thought I got a nod to continue with my PyQt
implementation. I'd like to just touch base with everyone on my progress, and
submit a snapshot of the code. What I have so far:

- A *complete* implementation of the ballot, with all entries pulled out of an
intermediary data structure until we agree on an XML input format
- A fully-componentized API, breaking out each element of the ballot into a
logical OOP structure
- An intelligent ballot layout engine, that dynamically assembles the ballot
- A range of contest-type classes, including Single Winner
(plurality-majority), Approval Winner, Limited Winner, and Referendum, each
of which will produce unique behavior based on that election method
- Write-in support with *built-in* keypad input (working already)
- Visual input feedback on contest selections (each contest class will vary
based on election method, too); ability to highlight any frame with
background colors, borders, etc. Configuration may be possible at some point
- And quite few other treats not turned on yet (check the code)

There still is much to do:

- Full event/input handling
- Error handling and input verification
- l10n work/UNICODE support
- text increasing
- visual contest groupings (if necessary)
- XML reading/writing classes (I have some DOM code already)
- Keypad finishing (hook in key buttons)
- Overall polish
- Layout engine optimizing
- Summary screen
- Unit tests
- and other smaller items

I truly recognize the need to get this done ASAP, and believe that we can
still produce a top-notch application using the right tools and approach. The
better the demo, the better the impression. If you don't want to use my work,
that's fine; I'll continue working on the side on the real product, helping
to get the demo code together. Either way, I'd like to make a branch in CVS
for the code. I don't yet have SSH access, so let me know what to do so I can
put this on (I still want to clean it up and merge some newer stuff before
submitting). I'm not interested in any compensation; I just want to see stuff

The code is can be downloaded here:


Unpack and run test.py to have a look. Make sure you
meet the environment requirements outlined in my message last week; if anyone
didn't get that, check the archives or notify me directly. For those unable
to build or poor souls in Windows land, I've also attached a screenshot for a
quick peek: http://www.lcgp.info/tmp/evm/evm-ui.png

Hope all is well,


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