Re: [OVC-demo-team] Tally system

From: Matteo Giacomazzi <giacomazzi_at_programmazione_dot_it>
Date: Fri Feb 13 2004 - 11:32:08 CST


AD> Jan probably has some code that could be adapted for this fairly
AD> easily.
AD> But I'm not aware that anyone has done this.


AD> Since this IS the demo, your disagreement is not applicable.


AD> BTW, for the production system, the question of whether or not the
AD> admin PC is networked or not is a very important decision that
AD> will NOT be answered by a developer. Our security assessment will
AD> look carefully at possible attacks on this procedure.

No developers involved in security assessment?
Curious idea...

>> Anything wrong on this?
AD> Yes. The network idea is not part of the demo.

Ok, and anything missing in the pieces I've listed?

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