[OVC-demo-team] Tally system

From: Matteo Giacomazzi <giacomazzi_at_programmazione_dot_it>
Date: Fri Feb 13 2004 - 02:17:04 CST

Dear all,

   I've just re-read the Reconciliation Procedure reported on:

   Here are my thaughts.
   I would like to see the tally system architecture as a typical UNIX
   set of small programs that, together, will carry the work to
   completion. For this purpose, I see four different programs.
   The first one is a small software, that probably someone already
   developed here in list, that will be used to scan the barcodes and
   achieve "b-something" files and will put them in the right
   The second one is the software that reads votingmachine disks and
   put the "v-something" files in the correct directory. Not already
   developed but it isn't hard to figure out, I guess.
   The third piece should be the software that, given a "b-something"
   and a "v-something" would "match" them (if possible) putting the
   "something" file in the right directory.
   Finally, the last piece shold be used for results tabulation.

   The document above states:
   The admin PC used for the BRP would be standalone -- not connected
   to any network.
   I would disagree on this (except for the demo): we could write the
   above softwares to operate on different PCs wired with the admin PC
   and they will put all the scanned/read "b-something"/"v-something"
   files in the right directory of the admin PC. This way, the
   poolworkers could cooperate in order to have the work done in a
   shorter time.

   Anything wrong on this?
   Awaiting for your comments.

Kind regards,
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