[OVC-demo-team] Documentation format

From: David Mertz <voting-project_at_gnosis_dot_cx>
Date: Wed Feb 11 2004 - 11:32:28 CST

>> I had used APT to create the Architecture and a few other documents.
> Great. While I do think some shorthand markup formats are nice, I
> never want
> to rely on everyone being able to use it that wants to. We can turn
> every
> document into PDF, index, etc in OOo. Also, it would be cool to make
> some PR
> materials, such as handouts and Impress slides, too.

Well... it's a WHOLE LOT easier to install aptconvert than it is to
install OpenOffice.org. If you run a recent Linux distribution OOo is
probably there already... but if you run *BSD, or MacOSX, or MacOS9, or
(god forbid) Windows, you have some substantial work ahead of you. I
can kinda imagine a back-and-forth of "well, if I export as X, can you
read -that-".

The nice thing with APT (or reST, or my own "smart ASCII") is that you
can email the raw source to someone (or put it on a
website/ftp/etc)--they'll have no trouble whatsoever reading it, even
if they've never heard of APT before. They may not know exactly why
something is indented, or why some dashes occur, but they don't need to
for comprehension of the underlying document.

Anyway, that was my reasoning, way back when. In practice, I just
wrote the Architecture myself, at most taking some excerpts from
people's emails. No one ever looked at the document source, only at
the HTML export on the website. So for that process, OOo would have
worked exactly as well.

Yours, David...
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