Re: [OVC-demo-team] Focus on ballot GUI

From: Eron Lloyd <elloyd_at_lancaster_dot_lib_dot_pa_dot_us>
Date: Thu Feb 05 2004 - 06:39:40 CST

Heh, it is kind of confusing in that this list sets Reply-To when most others
don't. David, I'm sorry if I've been a bit too vocal for your or anyone
else's liking over the whole UI issue. I don't mean to be difficult; it's
just my nature to always want to be able to deeply understand the things I
get involved with, plus the fact that I'm coming into this project with very
real goals and preconceived notions about what should be done and how.

While I truly respect the spectrum of expertise of the members of this
project, I too have quite a bit of background in this area and need more than
just a simple directive for why certain choices were made. That aside, I'm
trying hard to restrict my creative juices and assist in getting this primary
objective completed. As I said before, I'm building up a prototype now while
trying to maintain a strict adherence to the guidelines. Before we go too
far, we should structure the Dev. team a bit more and all be on the same page
as far as our design goals and objectives (a timeline would help, too).

The basic architecture document summarizes the ballot mockup, XML schemas, and
requirements for a MVC design. Besides that, there are a few items that don't
seem to be mentioned (I can't think of them all, heres a start):

1. There is a button for language switching. Is the entire application
supposed to support l10n strings? What languages? Is this just a placebo?

2. Are we to provide for font enlargement, too? Doing so immediately breaks
Alan's pixel-precise positioning, obviously breaking the resolution
boundaries. In my design, I allow for scrolling (horizontally) since I
develop in 1024X768 and wanted to accommodate for this adjustment.

3. There still hasn't been any discussion on how to factor out the audio code
to remove it's curses dependancy. Is Jan still working on this?

4. It's going to take some time to get the look and feel exactly right. Even
in Python, I'm having to resort to low-level drawables and custom widgets in
Qt to piece things together. Doing stuff like that admitly makes it
frustrating to think this is simply "throw-away" code. Guess it is good
exercise, though.

5. How should we handle write-in entries? There is mention of an on-screen
keyboard; is this the route we're taking? Do we need to accommodate any
accessibility issues? What about error handling and input validation?

6. Where is all the other code? CVS is quite bare besides BVA, RII, and the
printing module. Will there be tabulation and ballot verification code?

Sorry for the barrage of questions, just throwing them out there for anyone to
answer, really. The list seems very quiet; I hope I haven't scared everyone

Take care,


On Wednesday 04 February 2004 11:10 pm, David Mertz wrote:
> > Hi Alan,
> > I'm sure you've seen a few people on the demo list going off in
> > different directions about all the possible different designs for a
> > ballot GUI...
> Oops... I meant to write to Alan, but failed to take out the list CC:.
> Oh well, you've all seen my prior notes referred to. I guess it's time
> to fire me as dev lead for my poor email control :-).
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