[OVC-demo-team] Questioning the requirements/architecture documents

From: Greg Stern <gregdstern_at_verizon_dot_net>
Date: Sat Jan 31 2004 - 12:44:06 CST

Alan and others,

I am experience C++/Qt developer and I am very interesting in helping
to create voting software. I've believe for a while that open-source
software for voting systems has obvious advantages over closed-source

I have some concerns/questions about some of the requirements and
decisions for the demo.

The proposed demo looks like a very small advantage over paper
ballots. That is, it is basically a paper ballet layout (and
confusion) and doesn't take advantage of a better UI that a computer
can bring. For example, why isn't it a wizard interface with one page
per vote, with a summary page at the end when the voting is complete?

I agree with xml describing the data, by why also the view. That is a
very web-based approach to the architecture. For the demo, we could
easily not use a DTD to describe the UI.

And finally I'm curious about the choice of Python. The majority of
open-source developers I've seen are either program for KDE or Gnome.
KDE basically uses Qt and Gnome uses gtk. Choosing one of those
tookits as your basis would make a lot of sense; that is, choose a
toolkit/language that the majority of existing open-source developers

I'm very tempted to implement a more logical based wizard UI based on
the XML format defined for the data using Qt. If I did, would you be
interested in what I develop? How set are you on the existing
requirements and architecture documents?

P.S. I would expect it wouldn't take more than a weekend to implement 
that part.
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