[OVC-demo-team] Announcement regarding Founding Member status

From: Alan Dechert <alan_at_openvotingconsortium_dot_org>
Date: Wed Jan 21 2004 - 21:24:37 CST

Dear voting-project list members and ovc-demo-team list members:

In Section 2.1(b)(i) of our Bylaws, we describe the "Founding Member"
designation. We consider your membership on this list to be of "substantial
aid" to our project. Therefor, everyone on these two lists is now offered
"Founding Member" status. However, you must stake your claim.

Right now, it means that you will be listed on our About Us page at the OVC
website as a "Founding Member" (our Bylaws say something about "substantial
aid" at a time "prior to incorporation" but don't worry about that--we're
not going exclude those that joined between Dec 12 and now). Your listing
there would include something about how you contributed to the project and,
optionally, a link to a page of your choice. Assuming the OVC is successful
in its mission, the Founding Member designation may have more value in the
future. If you are interested but uncertain about what that value might be,
I suggest you read our Bylaws.

This is very simple. By the 1st of FEB 2004, write me an email (not to the
list... to help me keep track, please put "Founding Member" in the subject
line) where you state the assistance you have provided to the OVC. You
don't have to convince anyone that it was "substantial." At a minimum,
write one sentence that describes some activity that you think helped our
cause. Optionally, give us a URL that you want linked to your listing.

That's all there is to it. After the first of FEB, we'll compile the list
and the board will pass a resolution stating that these people are
recognized as Founding Members. This is a one-time opportunity, so don't
pass it up!

This offer does not exclude people not on any of our email lists. A few
others will be offered Founding Member status by virtue of their support.

Claiming your status as Founding Member (or not claiming it) does not
exclude you from becoming a director. A few list members may also become
directors whether or not they claim "Founding Member" status.

Alan D. 916-791-0456
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