FCC asking for comments about internet voting

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The FCC is the Federal Communications Commission.

If you go to the FCC web site and download the document, read the following

In the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Recovery Act),
Congress directed the Commission, in its development of a National Broadband Plan
, to include "a plan for the use of broadband infrastructure and services in
advancing …civic participation." While civic participation takes many
forms, two processes provide the most direct and regular interaction
opportunities between government and citizens: 1. the election process, and 2.
public hearings and town hall meetings. The election process and voting are
essential to maintaining a functioning democracy and are also the civic
processes in which the most Americans participate. Public hearings and town hall
meetings allow citizens to provide government representatives direct input on
specific concerns and provide government representatives a direct means to
gauge citizen sentiment. Accordingly, we seek tailored comment on how
broadband can help to bring democratic processes-including elections, public
hearings and town hall meetings-into the digital age, thereby encouraging and
facilitating citizen opportunities to engage and participate in their



3. Voting. Voting is the most fundamental of civic acts. As technology
transforms all aspects of society, could voting be transformed as well?
a. With existing technology, is it possible to enable and ensure safe and
secure voting online today?
b. What can we learn from other nations that have considered or
implemented online voting?
c. What can we learn from pilot projects that have tested online voting?
d. Have localities or states enabled online voting either domestically or
for citizens abroad (such as military personnel stationed overseas)?
e. Do government jurisdictions at any level, domestic or foreign, allow
online voting for any citizen? Have there been quantifiable impacts tied to
online voting, including impacts on the number of citizens that voted? Have
there been qualitative impacts tied to online voting, either positive or
f. What are the security and privacy risks that government jurisdictions
must consider when considering the implementation of online voting?
g. What are the history and current state of play of online voting
h. What are best practice processes concerning online voting?
i. How would enabling online voting impact overseas military personnel,
overseas diplomatic personnel or other Americans living overseas?


An article and online poll about this are here ...


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