Brazilian voting machine security; MIT system

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Hackers Fail To Crack Brazilian Voting Machines
Posted by kdawson on 2009-11-14 22:55
from the voting-envy dept.

Brazilian voting machines use Linux.

US voting officials ought to be envious of their Brazilian
counterparts, or ashamed, or both. Perhaps this MIT-developed
cryptographic voting system offers a way forward.

Cryptographic voting debuts
A new system for ensuring accurate election tallies, which MIT
researchers helped to develop, passed its first real-world test last
Scantegrity is an open source election verification technology for
optical scan voting systems.

Has anybody looked at the algorithms? It would be easy to integrate
this with the OVC system if it adds extra security. It has no actual
dependence on optical scan, it is simply that they created an
implementation compatible with optical scan.
Scantegrity II: End-to-End Verifiability for Optical Scan Election
Systems using Invisible Ink Confirmation Codes
by David Chaum, Richard Carback, Jeremy Clark, Aleksander Essex,
Stefan Popoveniuc, Ronald L. Rivest, Peter Y.A. Ryan, Emily Shen, and
Alan T. Sherman.

Verifiability of election integrity is end-to-end, allowing voters to
check that their votes are correctly included (without revealing their
votes) and allowing anyone to check that the tally is computed
correctly from the included votes.

An enhancement to Scantegrity II keeps ballot identification and other
unique information that is revealed to the voter in the booth from
being learned by persons other than the voter. This modification
achieves privacy that is essentially equivalent to that of ordinary
paper ballot systems, allowing manual counting and recounting of

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