Re: [OVC-discuss] Hart- "Full Transparency"

From: Nathan Adams <>
Date: Wed Nov 11 2009 - 09:50:34 CST

They raise funding through the wonderful mechanisms of risk and reward that
we know as the free market. If there is sufficient potential reward, the
market will take on the risk by investing in the company.

The free market has been getting a really bad wrap lately, but then the
reality is that we haven't actually had a free market in my lifetime. We've
had government sponsored corporatism. The big players get special treatment
and favors while the smaller upstarts have huge roadblocks placed in there
way in the form of dubious regulation. The Diebold's and Sequoyah's of the
world can afford the regulatory overhead (which many on this list have
pointed out to be woefully out-of-date and almost entirely useless), while
most smaller players can't even get off the ground. Oligarchies form and
corruption becomes rampant when the natural market forces aren't allowed to
cleanse away the bad guys. But even in a market heavily burdened by onerous
regulation a smaller player will occasionally poke its way through. Don't
get me wrong; there is such a thing as good regulation. Good regulation
involves prosecuting fraud and deception, while bad regulation involves
telling people how to run their lives and their businesses.

I think the extreme regulatory costs are one reason why businesses have been
slow to adopt open source in this market. Traditional proprietary licensing
schemes are simply 'easier' to profit from than the relatively new and
uncharted open source methods (this is changing across the tech industry
though). You can bash companies for being 'greedy', but remember your own
words the next time you cash a paycheck and put food on your table.

Perhaps the Open Voting *Consortium *could start working with these smaller
companies to get their solutions more and more in-line with the OVC's
mission. Working primarily with the State of California and various
municipalities has been a continual tale of success being "just around the
corner" followed by more waiting, more broken promises, ad nausium. Some
have stated that voting is something so fundamental that the state simply
can not delegate it. While I agree in principle, the practical reality is
that the state has proven itself to be too incompetent to even begin taking
on the task.


On Tue, Nov 10, 2009 at 11:19 PM, Richard Dawson <> wrote:

> How do these folks raise the funding for development and certification?

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