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From: Edward Cherlin <echerlin_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Wed Oct 07 2009 - 23:13:47 CDT

This is in reply to several blog comments.

Thank you, TarzanaDem. I will be writing some of the documentation for
the OVC system, and I need all of the questions and objections I can
get. Also examples, such as you provide, of usable documentation.

The accuracy of various counting methods can be and will be settled by
repeatable experiments with published protocols, data, and
conclusions, not by hand-waving. Those experiments will have to take
account of problems created by electorates of different sizes, and
ballots of different complexities. I have some studies bookmarked, but
not enough to settle the matter. I intend to write up the major
questions about the safety and reliability of the OVC voting system
for use in schools, where we will encourage students to run their own
experiments and make their own evaluations. You, too.

However, there is also a long history of ballot-box stuffing and other
irregularities in voting on paper, and we want to discuss measures to
prevent that as well. See the case of "Landslide" Lyndon Johnson for
an important example.

The rest of you, there is no reason to get snarky with people who have
genuine questions, and every reason not to.

But why don't we take this discussion to the OVC mailing list?

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