50/50 elections

From: David Brown <dmbrown_at_icubed_dot_com>
Date: Fri Nov 28 2008 - 12:57:36 CST

I have heard that there are biological differences between the brains of
conservatives and liberals. Different parts of the brains "light up" in
response to certain stimuli. One possible explanation would be it is
genetic and the genes are split 50/50 similar to gender. This could explain
why our elections have evolved toward the 50/50 split. If we are in an
equilibrium state, it would be very unlikely that we would evolve away from

It would be an interesting exercise to figure out which people or societal
organizations benefit from 50/50 splits and see how the actions they take
reinforce or diminish the 50/50 result. Polarizing actions such as running
negative political advertising might be one of the kinds of actions that
reinforce 50/50 splits. Negative ads are usually resorted to by the trailer
in an election. To them, 50/50 is better than losing outright.


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