Re: Vote for Lizard People in MN?

From: Brent Turner <brent_at_trealestate_dot_net>
Date: Wed Nov 26 2008 - 18:49:40 CST

Or the 50 / 50 is tainted as a set-up and reflects nothing else



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Cameron wrote:

50-50 elections are telling us that the voters
are voting randomly, because they really perceive little difference
among the candidates.

That's one possible (albeit strange) explanation. Or, 50-50 elections are
telling us that the way the candidates have campaigned -- their stated
positions on issues, their apparent trustworthiness/character, their
political party, their negative rhetoric about the other candidate, etc. --
has succeeded in gaining support from almost exactly half of the voters for
each of them.

Your claim that voters are voting randomly in a 50-50 election is rather
bizarre to me. You seem to be confusing and conflating election outcomes
with individual voters' behavior/beliefs.

The Coleman/Franken race is not actually at 50-50. It's 42-42, since 16% of
the voters voted for other candidates (about 15% for the Independence Party
candidate Dean Barkley). Would you then claim that when each MN voter
entered the voting booth he rolled a weighted three-sided die that had a 42%
chance of coming up for Franken or Coleman and a 15% chance for Barkley?

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