Re: Printing Vote-by-Mail ballots at home (was Observing process in Placer County CA 4th CD -- Brown v. McClintock)

From: Arthur Keller <voting_at_kellers_dot_org>
Date: Wed Nov 12 2008 - 11:49:59 CST

At 8:18 AM -0800 11/12/08, Dylan Hirsch-Shell wrote:
>Also, I think we need to better understand the use of bar codes to
>encode the voter's selections. Doing so makes the voter's
>selections opaque to the voter, as the written text is used only for
>hand counting not the original count. Instead, if the OCR-A font is
>used to print the Summary Printed Ballot, would it be better to scan
>the actual text to determine the voter's selections than rely on an
>opaque-to-the-voter bar code?
>Would using OCR-A instead of the barcodes introduce a significant
>increase in processing time? I don't see having the text scanned as
>absolutely necessary. If there are scanners at the polling site
>that will verify to the voter that the content of the barcode
>matches the written summary of the voter's selections, then I think
>this is sufficient.

How many voters will actually do this, considering that only 1/3 or
fewer of the voters check the paper trail in a VVPAT.

>Any voter who would question the process after that would likely
>also question the OCR-A direct text scan as well. Ultimately, the
>argument would go, there is going to be another scanner somewhere at
>the central tabulator that could be programmed differently...

I'd like to see the scanner take pictures of the ballot (a la
Humboldt County, California) so anyone can check the match with the
interpreted text.

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