Re: Observing process in Placer County CA 4th CD -- Brown v. McClintock

From: Greg Christopher <stork_at_electronify_dot_com>
Date: Mon Nov 10 2008 - 16:48:02 CST


Alan -
        Thanks for the great report and the community service! Where there
is room for judgement, there is room for discrimination. This is
really interesting stuff....

> A lot of the things I saw today are not specifically covered under
> state law -- a lot of judgement calls based on the way they do it
> in Placer County. Other counties do things differently. Placer
> has some deal with the post office to expedite late arriving
> ballots. As I understand it, the post office will make a special
> Election Day run to the county officies with any ballots they have
> anywhere in their system whereas they would not arrive on time with
> normal delivery. That's nice, but how many counties do that? If
> your ballot arrives after the polls close on Election Day, it
> doesn't count (postmark doesn't matter).

Something even scarier about these california absentee ballots-
        The envelope for the ballot says "Place first class postage here".
Does anyone want to guess how much that is?

        If you guessed less than 59 cents you're wrong. As it turns out,
there is a small pink slip deep inside the ballot that says "first
class for this envelope is 59 cents, so please affix proper postage"
or something to that effect.

        i am sure thousands (including myself) put regular first class
postage on their envelopes instead of the 59 cents required. How this
is dealt with will vary from county to county.
        According the one of the local election campaign offices for Santa
Cruz county, they made a deal with the local post offices to handle
the situation. Envelopes with less than 59 cents postage on them
would either be forwarded anyway, or at their option, the post
offices would keep them there, and Santa Cruz county sheriffs would
drive out to the post offices on election day and pick them up.

        We've just introduced several new middle-men into the equation, and
that's lucky because a special arrangement was made with the post
offices. If you consider that people were collecting absentee ballots
in Florida this year and throwing them into the trash, it's not hard
to imagine that your vote might not be counted.


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