[OVC-discuss] OVC System: Early and Absentee ballots

From: Alan Dechert <dechert_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Sun Nov 02 2008 - 15:11:07 CST

Going forward, I think we have a good saleable model for pollsite voting.
But early and absentee voting are growing in importance and may be the key
to gaining acceptance for the OVC system.

While the ballot at the pollsite needs to have proof that the ballot was
produced on one of the machines set up at the pollsite, the requirement is
different for early and absentee. For these, we need proof that the voter
produced the ballot using the correct form for his or her precinct.

We'd like to see early and absentee ballots look and work the same as
pollsite ballots. Here's what I am thinking: The early and absentee voters
will be provided a key specific to the precinct where the voter is
registered. Through a browser-based interface, the voter will enter the key
and received an electronic form (maybe html or maybe PDF). The voter will
complete the form and print the ballot. The form the voter receives will
have a key associated with it. The form key and the voter's key will
combine to produce a unique key that will be encoded on the ballot (bar
coded, but maybe other ways too ... e.g., speckle pattern). This unique key
on the ballot cannot be associated with the specific voter but will provide
the necessary proof that a valid form was used to print the ballot for the

As with the pollsite system, no voter selections get recorded
electronically. The vote is purely on paper. The paper ballot produced
remotely will look exactly like the pollsite ballots.

Other than that, the OVC system would work like other absentee and early
voting systems. The absentee ballot would be placed in an envelope provided
by the county and mailed. Once received, the label is checked and removed
so the ballot becomes anonymous. The voter can go online to see if the
ballot was received.

Alan D.

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