Re: New printer technology for real?

From: Greg Christopher <stork_at_electronify_dot_com>
Date: Thu Nov 29 2007 - 14:38:00 CST

On Nov 29, 2007, at 12:34 AM, Alan Dechert wrote:

> These pages show some amazing inkjet printing technology --
> revolutionary, cheap, fast. This could make the Electronic Ballot
> Printer EBP idea more attractive.
> Any idea if this is for real?

Having worked for 15 years at a printing technology company, this was
one of of the coolest videos I've seen related to printing. I had a
few people huddle around the monitor and everyone's reaction was the

I'm trying to get a better answer, but there apparently is some
feeling that it's faked.

My general feeling is given the CGI industry, the technology to fake
this demo is more advanced then the tech to produce it :) But stay

Hi Greg,

Yes, some of the developers working on PostScript pointed me to the
Memjet videos on YouTube a year or so ago (the originals seem to have
been taken down and then reposted). Senior management for our print
technologies is located in Noida, so Iím assuming they are aware of
this, but Iíll inquire anyway just to make sure.


Thereís also been some speculation that some of the videos are faked,
since otherwise they would demonstrate ink drying an order of
magnitude faster than anything weíve seen before (especially on
glossy paper), but maybe thatís a problem theyíve solved as well.
From: Greg Christopher []
Sent: Thursday, November 29, 2007 10:16 AM
Subject: WOW

             I hope we are in touch regarding this new technology.
Check out the first video labeled "montage".

             Are we aware of this?

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