My issues for DEC 6 workshop on VVSG

From: Alan Dechert <dechert_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Sun Nov 25 2007 - 14:46:17 CST

I'm one of several people on this list invited to this workshop (Lillie
Coney and Arthur Keller also).

I'm on the advisory board and will be a panelist. My presentation will be
pretty short (about 10 minutes probably) but there will be time for Q&A.
And, I can help shape the event. I expect the panelists and audience will
be pretty receptive, but opposing viewpoints will certainly be expressed.

I'm taking a pretty high-level approach. I welcome your input on this list
of things to talk about. Please write to the list or get in touch with me
off-list if you prefer.

Open Standard
- What is an open standard?
- To what extent is the VVSG an open standard?
- Should the VVSG promulgate an open standard?

"Voting System" v. Voting Equipment
- The VVSG appears to deal with equipment, not whole systems
- Bowen's top-to-bottom review is about equipment; vendors say it's too
narrowly about equipment
- Assuming the VVSG is really about equipment, to what extent must it
consider the voting system
- Auditability is part of the system and cannot be completely separate from
the equipment

Open Technology
- How is "open technology" different from "open standard"
- Almost all the independent experts want the technology to be open
- Would voting system quality, trustworthiness, and security be enhanced by
open technology?
- Why does industry promote the notion of security by obscurity?
- To what extent does the VVSG endorse the industry view?

- "Counting ballots" and "recounting ballots" are basic concepts that must
be comprehensible to the public
- What definition of "ballot" is used by the VVSG?

Proliferation of Systems
- To what extent is proliferation a problem?
- Is the VVSG neutral on system proliferation?
- Should the VVSG be neutral on this subject?

Quality & Trustworthiness
- Is this a major goal of the VVSG?
- To be trustworthy, quality must be evident to voting public
- Can openness help foster trustworthiness?

- Ideally, everything in the VVSG would be relevant to all jurisdictions
- How much of the VVSG is relevant to any particular jurisdiction?
- Is there a way to measure relevancy?
- How is proliferation related to relevancy?

Alan D.

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