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From: Arthur Keller <voting_at_kellers_dot_org>
Date: Wed Nov 14 2007 - 07:59:27 CST

At 12:22 PM -0600 11/13/07, Bev Harris wrote:
>Quoting Arthur Keller <>:
>> Bev, very interesting idea. It does not solve
>> the problem with overvotes. Overvotes (on the
>> infamous Butterfly ballot) and accessibility were
>> the reasons for real-time ballot checking.
>Simple to solve the problem of overvotes. Use a scanner as a checker
>only, not a
>counter. Voter votes, runs ballot through scanner for a check, then deposits
>the ballot in translucent ballot box. Photos of those are on BBV
>site, they are
>used in other countries, very inexpensive.

Good point.

>Yes, we should still have open source systems for several reasons. The two
>concepts are not at all mutually exclusive. Particularly in any
>system which is
>activated with a card, such as accessible touch-screen ballot
>marking concepts,
>all components should be open source to ensure that voter privacy stealers
>aren't incorporated into the card encoder or recipient machine.


>Yes, the conceptual work originated with Anwar Adi, who I have been
>in frequent
>communication with over the years. Adi put forth a concept paper at VoComp,
>brilliant and simple.

I saw it at VoComp and was intrigued.

>My suggestion now has to do with imminent elections in 2008. Because it simply
>involves slight changes in procedures, no new laws, it can be implemented in
>any county that's willing, ASAP. Also, for the short run (until open source
>solutions arrive) it provides real, meaningful traction for public
>authentication of elections WITHOUT BUYING ANY NEW EQUIPMENT (in optical scan

The ballots can be randomly ordered prior to scanning to assure
privacy. And this can also be done even when there isn't
precinct-count optical scan. Of course, the process isn't as helpful
when the reporting is not segmented by precinct in a timely manner.

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