Re: Peer Hand Counting

From: Arthur Keller <voting_at_kellers_dot_org>
Date: Mon Nov 12 2007 - 12:14:25 CST

Ron Rivest of MIT has a similar idea, but more fleshed out.

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At 11:04 AM -0500 11/12/07, D. C. Lapena wrote:
>How about a scenario where ALL voters are also counters?
>This could be a tech-assisted method
>1. each race is on a separate index card. Each index card has unique
>registration marks that are virtually impossible to forge. These can
>be verified in case of a stuffing dispute. When voter walks in, he/she
>gets one index card per race from an official. The registration marks
>on each card must match (the patterns must be impossible for voters to
>2. voter expresses vote with a mark on the index card
>3. if there are 10 races, referenda, etc. these are all thrown into a hopper.
>4. the hopper is turned
>5. the voter crosses a wall where the hopper is and an assistant draws
>10 random cards from the hopper. The voter is now a vote counter
>5a. optional -- the user can verify that all cards in their hands have
>valid registration marks on them (they do not need to match at this
>6. for each candidate there is a transparent box
>7. election officials oversee between 1 to 3 boxes each
>8. the peer counter verifies with the official that the card belongs
>in the correct box and that there are no overvotes on the card
>9. the official approves the card and allows the peer counter to
>insert it into the box
>10. the mouth of the box can have an optional optical counter
>10a. the mouth of the box can also have a web cam with a system that
>can recognize where the mark is supposed to be and the system would
>sound an alarm if someone tried to put a wrongly marked card
>11. but the official also makes a tally. If this does not match the
>optical counter, the ballots must be re-counted by hand
>This would assure accuracy, anonymity and speedy results and can be
>done with a few empty 5 gallon paint buckets and boxes made with
>supplies from a hardware store and glue. Could be handy in a
>post-apocalyptic world.

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