Re: Ms. Tobi's overheated rhetoric

From: Arlene Montemarano <mikarl_at_starpower_dot_net>
Date: Mon Nov 12 2007 - 11:32:05 CST

Clearly aggregation is exactly where cleverness is called for to
maintain transparency in the chain of custody. But cleverness is
aplenty for those who are motivated to use it.

Lots of big brains out there.

Arthur Keller wrote:
> The problem is how you aggregate those precincts into an overall
> total without transcription errors. While the DRE voting machines
> have been attacked as potential sources of error or fraud, it is much
> easier to hack the systems that add up the votes at County Central.
> I understand that GEMS uses Microsoft Access with no logs and
> essentially no security. Not enough attention has been focused on
> the aggregation of the votes.
> Aggregation of the votes in large urban areas is problematic even if
> the precincts are hand-counted. And when the precincts are only
> hand-counted, transcription errors are more likely than if the
> precinct counts are transmitted in a form that is computer readable.
> A compromise is to have the precinct totals printed on tally sheets
> with bubbles (or lines to connect) from 0-9 for each digit of each
> total to be reported.
> I'm still not understanding how you do an effective hand count in the
> precinct of IRV votes, particularly when multiple rounds are needed.
> I do understand how you can do an effective hand count in the
> precinct of Approval Votes, or of traditional plurality votes or
> choose n of a set of candidates.
> Best regards,
> Arthur
> At 7:08 AM -0500 11/12/07, Arlene Montemarano wrote:
>> Even New York, big as it is, is made up of precincts, with
>> approximately 2000 voters. Each precinct, for the purposes of
>> voting, can be treated as a "small town", and is therefore
>> manageable.

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