Re: Ms. Tobi's overheated rhetoric

From: Arthur Keller <voting_at_kellers_dot_org>
Date: Mon Nov 12 2007 - 01:23:05 CST

At 9:05 PM -0800 11/11/07, Danny Swarzman wrote:
>Does that come to about 50 ballots per person per hour?
>Then 100 people could count 5000 ballots per hour.
>100 people could count 100000 ballots per day.

Huh? That's if they work for 20 hours a day. If they work 10
hours/day then you have twice as many people or twice as many days.

>San Francisco may be 200000 ballots. That would be two days for 100 people.
>4000 person hours at $25 would be $100,000.

That's only if there is ONE IRV round. If there are two IRV rounds,
count on doubling the figure. If there are three IRV rounds, then
the figure is tripled.

>But San Francisco is likely to have two or three times as many
>contests making it less than one week for $200000-$300000 for the
>election. That seems to be in the ball park of the cost of buying
>the closed source venders or a little less.
>Sound right?

The November 2007 election had 11 yes/no measures, and 3 races. The
3 races had one candidate, two candidates, and 12 candidates. The 12
candidates with IRV of a sequence of up to 3 candidates has 1,265
distinct valid combinations (including abstain).

Could you imagine an IRV vote for Governor of California, where 8.5
million votes are cast? Would you tabulate that IRV race by
hand-count? How?

Best regards,

>But San Francisco in February wlll
>On Nov 11, 2007, at 8:17 PM, Brent Turner wrote:
>>>With seven races and two initiatives, the six teams of two people
>>>each were able to hand-count twice 944 ballots in four hours.

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