Re: Focus on Rights

From: Arthur Keller <voting_at_kellers_dot_org>
Date: Sun Nov 11 2007 - 20:46:52 CST

At 8:05 PM -0500 11/11/07, Arlene Montemarano wrote:
>But optical scan machines must be purchased and then certified and
>gotten ready and all that costs money that the State says it can not
>now afford. "Sorry, there is no time and there is no money."

Actually, they should be certified first and then purchased. I'm not
in favor of buying more trade secret optical scan equipment. I'd
like to see new optical scan equipment designed for security and
reliability and with all specifications and source code made public.

>In cases like this, the use of electronics can be an impediment and
>a tool for those who would avoid direct citizen involvement.

I can understand your frustration.

>Some of us in Maryland would just like to "get on with it" and print
>ballots and hire people to do the job of counting. And let the
>voting companies make their fortunes elsewhere.

I'm not interested in protecting profits for current or future
vendors. My objective is to design, implement, and deploy a secure,
reliable, trustworthy, etc., etc., open source voting system. I
anticipate that such systems will be cheaper to procure and operate
than current ones.

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