Re: Focus on Rights

From: Arlene Montemarano <mikarl_at_starpower_dot_net>
Date: Sun Nov 11 2007 - 19:05:11 CST

Arthur, I am experiencing a block to the replacement of paperless
touchscreens with optical scan machines in Maryland right now. A bill
was finally passed to allow that in the Spring, preceded by years of
effort on the part of voting activists.

But optical scan machines must be /purchased /and then /certified/ and
gotten ready and all that costs money that the State says it can not now
afford. "Sorry, there is no time and there is no money."

In cases like this, the use of electronics can be an impediment and a
tool for those who would avoid direct citizen involvement.

Some of us in Maryland would just like to "get on with it" and print
ballots and hire people to do the job of counting. And let the voting
companies make their fortunes elsewhere.

Arthur Keller wrote:
> At 8:03 AM -0500 11/30/07, Arlene Montemarano wrote:
>> The protection of our fragile rights should always the primary
>> point of all that we do.
> The question boils down to how we best safeguard those rights. If
> you had the choice of hand-counted paper ballots only vs. paper
> ballots that were electronically scanned in the precinct when the
> voter casts the ballot and then hand counted at the end of the day
> (i.e., both electronic and hand counts), which would you prefer?
> (Assume the electronic counts are not released until the hand counts
> are made.) Now suppose that the electronic scanner kept an image
> copy of the ballot and that anyone could get a copy of all of those
> images and hand or machine count those images to compare them to the
> official vote count, would that be a good thing or a bad thing? Do
> you oppose the inclusion of electronic systems if they supplement
> rather than replace hand counting? Would you accept the idea that
> the combination of electronic systems and hand counting can be more
> secure and fraud or tamper resistent than hand counting alone?
> Best regards,
> Arthur

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