Urgent Call for Comments

From: Richard C. Johnson <dick_at_iwwco_dot_com>
Date: Sun Nov 11 2007 - 15:54:35 CST

  Now is the time for a concerned activists of whatever persuasion to engage in public comment about the EAC's proposed Voluntary Voting System Guidelines. These guidelines are not truly voluntary; the states may adopt them and require them by law; California, for example, incorporates these guidelines into its requirements for voting systems.
  The EAC has listened to Diebold/Premier, ES&S, Sequoia and other vendors in formulating these guidelines. If you trust the vendors, fine. In not, please register your comments via the online tool provided at:
  The Glossary is the worst section, defining terms (Paper Trails are equivalent to Paper Ballots: see CVR in the Glossary) in strange and unusual ways to set the default for any arguments and confuse the public. Truly, this is WAR=PEACE time.
  Note: when you comment, cite the target subject of your comment in the text, since they lump all comments under gross categories (like, all Glossary comments are gathered under "g".
  We may not all have money, we may not have relatives who are in Congress, but all of us who are aware enough and have access to the internet can comment. It is a lot of work, but just look at the Test section and see if you think a White Box Test is just a spec with Black box modules. Some of us don't think you can do much White Box testing without Open Source; the EAC would have you believe that White Box testing has a great deal of Black in it, but they still want to call it White rather than Grey. What it is not is transparent!
  -- Dick

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