Re: readable source code [Re: OVC-discuss Digest, Vol 37, Issue 10]

From: Alan Dechert <dechert_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Sun Nov 04 2007 - 16:54:49 CST


> And the real issue is
> not how many people can read it, but how many could
> reason about it, well enough to construct a sound
> argument that it's correct.
No. That's not the "real issue." The real issue: Is it available to the

The percentage of people that can make sense of it is irrelevant.

Legal code is available on the Internet. How many can make sense of that?
The percentage of the public that looks at legal code is small. The
percentage that actually understand it well is even smaller.

The principles of self government require that legal code be available to
the public. Since the arrival of the Internet, it has made sense that legal
code be readily available through this medium.

If we're going to elect people in a democracy as part of a public process,
then the same principles of self government require all aspects of this
process be open to public scrutiny.

Alan D.

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