Re: Fwd: Ms. Tobi's overheated rhetoric

From: Bev Harris <bev_at_blackboxvoting_dot_org>
Date: Sat Nov 03 2007 - 18:48:45 CDT

To David Jefferson,

I hope you will stop referring to Nancy Tobi using perjorative adjectives like
"bombastic" and "overheated." It seems that many in the scientific community
like to say the most horrible things about others, personal attacks that are
highly unprofessional in tone -- yet this is the very behavior you accuse
others of.

I was extremely disappointed to see the tone of your characterization of Tobi,
who I find to be a deeply spiritual, analytical, and honorable person who
brings important insights, particularly in her Ponzi Scheme analogy for the
federal certification process and her constitutional approach to the EAC. I
hope you'll elevate your rhetoric to issues rather than engaging in personal

Thank you,

Bev Harris

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