Re: Representative Holt's OWN WORDS [Re: OVC-discuss Digest, Vol 36, Issue 9]

From: Alan Dechert <dechert_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Thu Nov 01 2007 - 16:41:12 CDT

> On the other hand, we didn't have to lobby Congress to get that done, or
> pay
> $200K to get Apache certified before the first commercial web site would
> use
> it. Competition in the commercial marketplace is different than
> competition
> for respect from legislators ...
Yes, those are big differences. But we have no choice if we expect to see
open source take hold in the voting system marketplace. Actually,
legislators are only one of many communities whose respect we need to earn.

Some time ago in a message to our announcements list, I identified 21 or so
different communities that the open voting movement has to lobby. Some
people wrote and suggested a few more. It seems that everyone has a stake
in this and everyone has an opinion on how to make the voting system better.
The broadness of this effort makes it quite a challenge -- we just have to
deal with this as best we can. We must work with Luddites, scientists,
engineers, elected officials at state, federal and local levels, election
officials at state, federal, and local levels, minority groups, political
groups at state, federal, and local levels, disabled people, super-competent
people, ... and so on.

The effort is so broad that it may seem impossible. But I am convinced
there is a way to do it. There are many states, but we don't need to
convince them all. We need a few key states ... like NY and CA ... and the
rest will follow. Likewise with other communities.... we need examples for
others to follow. It's called leadership.

> - let's approve Holt *and* lobby for reduced fees
> for certifying OSS voting systems at the same time.
I think the Holt bill is dead, and I don't see any reason to try to bring it
to life.

As for examination fees, see the following location for the public comment

We need more people weighing in on this. Mostly, of course, we want NYers
to write, but I think input from outside NY could also be worthwhile.

Alan D.

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