Re: Representative Holt's OWN WORDS [Re: OVC-discuss Digest, Vol 36, Issue 9]

From: Alan Dechert <dechert_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Thu Nov 01 2007 - 16:14:30 CDT

> Alan, I was not talking about technological competition. I was talking
> about politics. Do you really think that you can beat Microsoft in a
> political battle in Congress over secret software in voting machines?
> Regards,
> Barbara
Barbara, lobbying is one thing. Corrupt practices is another. Did you know
there is a Microsoft team with the US DOJ anti-trust division?

They can lobby all they want. So long as they are doing nothing improper in
this regard, we don't care. When we see signs of improper vote buying, we
will be shining lights on that.

Do you expect us to lie down for MSFT? They lobby against us all over the
place. MSFT and shills from ITAA, CompTIA, AeA, et al were all over our
state bills AB 2097 and AB 852. We won in the elections committee this year
and last year. We have work to do to get all the way through. Are you
suggesting we simply give up because we can't beat them?

We can inflict pain, and cost them a lot of money. We can also inflict pain
on legislators and other officials at state, local, and federal levels that
are improperly influenced by MSFT. Eventually, they will see the voting
business is not worth it to them.

MSFT has a great deal at risk with potential anti-trust actions.

I don't know if we will be successful, but I know we won't if we let them do
whatever they want.


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