Re: Did OVC comment on these new NIST white papers?

From: Kathy Dopp <kathy_dot_dopp_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Thu Nov 30 2006 - 22:47:37 CST

Is it too late to comment on the recent NIST papers and perhaps attend
the NIST and TGDC meetings on Dec. 4,5, and 7 outside of Washington

Here are some NIST papers that will be voted on to be adopted at the meetings:

1. Two papers on the notiion of "Software Independence":


A glaring logic flaw exists in the two papers above in that they
wrongly state that an optical scan voting system with paper ballots
and DREs with paper rolls are both "software independent" without
mentioning that to make those systems "software independent" according
to their own definition would require manual audits sufficient to
check the electronic outcomes.

This despite the fact that they define "software independence" as

"A voting system is software independent if an undetected change or
error in its software cannot cause an undetectable change or error in
an election outcome."

The NIST papers do not consider the voting system as a whole because
as we all know, in both electronic optical scan counts and DRE counts
in every state in America, undetected errors or changes do cause
undetectable changes and errors in election outcomes because not one
jurisdiction in America does sufficient manual audits to detect
outcome-altering errors.

Oh Well - I suppose these papers are a good start and perhaps they
left that out a crucial step as a strategy.

2. Paper on VVPR = voter verified paper records

3. Testing of Voting Equipment

for accuracy and reliability


for vulnerability


I suppose that OVC has already made public input on these documents?

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