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It's not so simple since poll working is physically demanding and
many would not be qualified. However, you could possibly achieve
the identical goal by simply allowing people selected for the jury
pool to opt out if they will serve as a poll worker. They would need
to declare themseleves fit to do so, but the self selection would
remove the problem of "forcing" people who were unfit.

On Nov 29, 2006, at 8:12 AM, Jerry Lobdill wrote:

> I have also recommended that workers in the audits be selected in a
> manner similar to jury duty.
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>> In 1908, the grand jury that investigated Chicago's primary of that
>> year recommended that poll workers be selected in a manner similar
>> to jury duty. They also added that candidates, office holders, and
>> government workers, because so many of them were part of the frauds
>> and do have obvious conflicts of interest, not be allowed to work
>> at the polls.
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