Re: suggested proposals for federal election integrity legislation

From: Kathy Dopp <kathy_dot_dopp_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Tue Nov 28 2006 - 20:13:20 CST

> >3. Auditable Voting Systems: Provide funds for upgrading voting
> >systems for jurisdictions that have un-auditable voting systems, but
> >fund only "fully-auditable" voting systems where all able bodied
> >voters directly record votes on a paper ballot that is voter-verified.
> Remove the word directly, so electronic ballot printers and markers
> can be used.

Arthur, it says "able-bodied" voters so it is OK.

> >9. Public Disclosure of Voting System Software: Electronic versions of
> >all software used on voting machines, together with the compilation
> >configuration and procedures, and ballot definition files, should be
> >made available to computer security experts for review as a condition
> >of any further contracting.
> Why only computer security experts? Why not *public* disclosure?

I completely altered the wording for that item and used your words in
the Detailed comments Arthur, and mentioned "public disclosure" in the
short list.

Anyone who would like to review a copy of the entire document now (the
Experts section is not done yet - I'll need perhaps another week to
finish that), I've posted it here, but have not sent out notification
yet other than to this list and NEDA's stats list:

Specific suggestions are still welcome. Plus please help me out with
a list of experts. We particularly need some database experts still as
I don't know any.

Also, let me know if my mention of "OVC Listed" (after reading
Arthur's disclosure work) is correct or appropriate.

Kathy Dopp
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