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From: Arthur Keller <voting_at_kellers_dot_org>
Date: Tue Nov 28 2006 - 19:36:52 CST

I suggested that the TGDC be representative of disciplines. I think
that's more important than degrees. The list of disciplines (edited
for wording) should be in the detailed narrative.

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At 2:23 PM -0700 11/28/06, Kathy Dopp wrote:
>I still have to study the stuff from Arthur Keller and Richard Dawson
>on public disclosure, but here is the revised short recommendations
>list. I seem to still disagree with most of you with respect to degree
>requirements because there is a critical need to remove unqualified
>persons currently on the TGDC, without attempting to revamp the entire
>carefully considered TGDC appointment procedure outlined in HAVA -
>although I did bend slightly to opinion.
>I would appreciate specific wording for changes to #9 and #14 or for
>detailed comments for them, but otherwise, I will begin studying
>Arthur and Richard's comments. I cannot get the list of experts done
>by today unfortunately so will finish and submit it ASAP.
>Arthur, I added another item #15 to handle the majority of your
>suggestions in the Detailed comments section.
>Recommendations for Federal Legislation to Ensure the Integrity of our
>These recommendations are the result of detailed discussions with the
>foremost election integrity experts in the U.S., over a period of
>several months. They are complex and technical because counting votes
>is a complex process with many vulnerabilities. Protecting the vote
>count is not a simple matter.
>In the interest of brevity, we have omitted many technical details.
>Below the list of recommendations are more detailed comments. A list
>of experts who can provide details and answer questions will be
>provided in a followup.
>1. Manual Audits: Require manual audits of machine vote counts
>sufficiently statistically valid to ensure that electronically-counted
>election outcomes are correct.
>2. Voter Service Reports: Require states to submit timely reports of
>detailed election data that can be used to measure voter
>disenfranchisement and voter service levels.
>3. Auditable Voting Systems: Provide funds for upgrading voting
>systems for jurisdictions that have un-auditable voting systems, but
>fund only "fully-auditable" voting systems where all able bodied
>voters directly record votes on a paper ballot that is voter-verified.

Remove the word directly, so electronic ballot printers and markers
can be used.

>4. Fund Manual Audits and Voter Service Reports: Provide funds for
>conducting sufficiently statistically valid manual audits of machine
>vote counts and voter services in federal elections
>5. Teeth: Provide certain and swift penalties whenever an election
>jurisdiction fails in a transparency, auditing, or reporting
>6. Public Election Records: Require election officials to make
>publicly available in original paper and electronic form all election
>data and records that would reveal fraud or errors in elections or are
>necessary to verify voter service reports and manual audits, prior to
>certification of results.
>7. Election Monitoring Website: Create website containing a publicly
>accessible database system for logging and tabulating voters'
>complaints in elections; and for collecting and publicly displaying
>the auditable, audit and voter service reports from the states.
>8. Submission of Reports: Require state election officials to submit
>all auditable, audit and voter service reports to the US GAO prior to
>certification of results.

and county too.

>9. Public Disclosure of Voting System Software: Electronic versions of
>all software used on voting machines, together with the compilation
>configuration and procedures, and ballot definition files, should be
>made available to computer security experts for review as a condition
>of any further contracting.

Why only computer security experts? Why not *public* disclosure?

>10. Prohibit Certain Network Connections: Outlaw Wide Area Network
>connections to, and wireless capability in, voting equipment and
>prohibit voting through any network.
>11. Qualifications for Technical Guidelines Development Committee:
>Require members of the U.S. Election Assistance Commission's Technical
>Guidelines Development Committee (TGDC) for voting systems to have at
>least Masters level academic credentials in technical fields.
>12. Public Right to Observe: Require jurisdictions to allow citizens
>to observe all aspects of elections.
>13. Vote Count Audit and Recount Committee: Create a U.S. Vote Count
>Audit and Recount Committee whose functions include approving state
>election audit and recount procedures and policies for election audits
>and voter service data reports.
>14. Repository for Voting System Disclosure: Fund a repository for
>publicly disclosed voting system software.
>15. Prohibit Practices that Disenfranchise Voters: See list in
>Detailed comments.
>Kathy Dopp
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