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> Both Saturday and Sunday pose religious problems. For example,
> orthodox Jews cannot travel by car from sundown Friday to sundown
> Saturday (and usually can't push buttons or operate machinery, etc.).

1) For a Saturday election in November, they could vote after
sundown. In June, that would be a problem, but that's why we
have absentee ballots.

2) I don't know the numbers, but I would guess there are many
more people trying to work 2 jobs or otherwise can't afford to wait
in line 2 hours and more to vote, than there are orthodox Jews.

3) The alternative is to move Veterans' Day to election day in
November. But I have a small problem with that as it would tend
to dishonor the memory of those who fought in WWI.

4) Again, we have a very big problem recruiting enough good poll
workers. The machine companies are always blaming problems with
machines on "human error", which has a lot to do with workers not
knowing what to do. As examples of this, look at the clips at the
bottom of , under "Pollworker Problems".
Whether it's using computer-based systems, and by that I mean
system write large, including all the procedures and people around
them, and/or hand counted paper ballots, or both, none of this will
work well without more and better poll workers. I say more, because
the job needs to be broken into 2 shifts. 14 hours is way too long.
Having election day on a non-work day would also have the advantage
of evening out the lines across the day. As it is now, the lines occur
early in the morning, and in the evening. All of this makes it easier
to vote.

Saturday or Veterans' Day. I really don't care that much. But it's
clear that if we want better elections, election day should not be
a work day.

Jim Soper

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