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Date: Tue Nov 28 2006 - 17:59:23 CST

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> Hello Arthur and all,
> The first time I worked as a poll worker (2004), we had a high school student assisting at the polls. This worked pretty well except that she had to leave right after the closing of the polls. She explained that the San Diego Unified School District has some sort of public service or service to charities requirements for all high school students and working in elections turns out to be one way of fulfilling that requirement--or it was that year. The last time I worked at the polls, (the 2006 primary), it was held at a high school but no one from the school participated at the polls so I don't know if poll work it is still an option for high school kids.


The problem with having highschool kids be poll workers, at least here
in Utah, is that they often are not 18 years old yet, so legally, they
cannot sign off on any of the records in the election which could
cause problems after the election if there were an election contest or
any legal challenge.


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