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From: Ginny Ross <Ginnypdx_at_comcast_dot_net>
Date: Tue Nov 28 2006 - 17:49:44 CST

OVC Listmates,

I am generally a lurker here because I am in learning mode when it comes
to software and voting. We in the Oregon VRC are very interested in
learning as much as we can about OS possibilities for our central
opscanners, so your discussion has been very informative and helpful.
Thanks for having an open list.

Another area of keen interest of course is the new wave of interest in
federal legislation concerning elections, and efforts surrounding HR 550
and HB 6200. I'm no expert there either but as an activist, I have am
concerned about a distressing lack of public debate on an even playing
field. Also, activists need to hear the debate among technical experts
in order to learn to think critically about these issues. I am on
about 4 lists discussion EI legislation --- a real prescription for
confusion! I've heard this concern voiced elsewhere as well. So with
the help of OVC's own Arther Keller, and through his kind offer of
server space, we now have a list called EILeg@lists.sonic.net. I would
like to invite any OVC participants who wish to discuss or see
discussions about federal election legislation to join this list. I will
make this same invitation to all the EI lists I participate in, VT USA,
EDA, Election Integrity, CASE, CEPN and a dozen or so DFA lists of
progressive activists. I believe there is a wealth of power and
knowledge in our movement, but factions and walls have formed and we
need a way to start moving forward together, or at least as an alliance
with some awareness of the various battlefronts we face.

In short, this effort is essentially a cry for leadership, openness and
unity from a beleaguered footsoldier activist in the EI battle to the
technical experts, scholars, lawyers, etc. to all get together and give
us something we can fight for. I can see from here that the masses are
not really going to get up and fight for legislation that will slap
printers and toilet paper rolls on these godawful DRE's. So we just
have to band together somehow and WAKE UP CONGRESS to the total
boondoggle of HAVA and the grave dangers of using a band-aid fix like HR
550 on the arterial wound. On top of that, wouldn't it be great to
have one list with many experts and activists instead of all the many
that are buzzing away in our inboxes? (Note, this is certainly not
meant to change any aspect of the OVC list, but merely to invite the EI
Leg discussion to come over to the new list, at the choice of the author
of course.) So --- I am starting with this list, because I have found
it the most sensible and open and with the least number of scary
rules. If you would like to be included in this new list to help kick
it off, please send me the email address you would like me to use to
subscribe you. I may also ask for your help in resolving kinks before I
do further waves of invitions. Once you are on the list, you may then
(I hope) reach out with the invitation to others you know who are
discussing this important matter. I will do further adding, inviting
and subscribing in the next week. Once a core of activists is formed I
want to list out who is on the list so we know who else needs to be
invited etc. Clearly this will be an evolutionary effort, but perhaps
we can have a multiplier effect. We need a lot of openness,
creativitiy, civility and debate in order to find our way as a movement,
and I think OVC members will be an excellent base for setting a great tone.

Thank you Arthur, for the help!

Email me at: ginnypdx@comcast.net for initial inclusion in the list
(also you can join later, change or modify your settings later, etc.)

Thanks for reading,

Ginny Ross
Oregon VRC
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