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In 1908, the grand jury that investigated Chicago's primary of that year recommended that poll workers be selected in a manner similar to jury duty. They also added that candidates, office holders, and government workers, because so many of them were part of the frauds and do have obvious conflicts of interest, not be allowed to work at the polls.

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I think an element that is missing from most discussions is 
the poor quality of poll workers. I'm told their average age 
is 72. In any case, having election day on a work day makes 
it hard to get very good poll workers, and discriminates 
against workers, especially those with 2 jobs. 
Congress should either (1) move Veterans Day to election day, 
or (2) move it to Saturday. I think Saturday is better because 
it allows people to stay up late if necessary, and to get some rest 
the next day. 
Jim Soper 

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