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From: Edmund R. Kennedy <ekennedyx_at_yahoo_dot_com>
Date: Tue Nov 28 2006 - 15:04:07 CST

Hello Arthur and all,

    The first time I worked as a poll worker (2004), we had a high school student assisting at the polls. This worked pretty well except that she had to leave right after the closing of the polls. She explained that the San Diego Unified School District has some sort of public service or service to charities requirements for all high school students and working in elections turns out to be one way of fulfilling that requirement--or it was that year. The last time I worked at the polls, (the 2006 primary), it was held at a high school but no one from the school participated at the polls so I don't know if poll work it is still an option for high school kids. However, I'll speculate that it migh be possible to accomplish your goals on a school district by school district basis. Good luck.

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Here in California, State Senator Debra Bowen carried legislation 
that would treat working in the polls on election day by high school 
seniors (with sufficient GPA and approval of the guidance counselor) 
as a field trip by not penalizing the school in their daily 
per-student funding.  Unfortunately, the governor vetoed that 
legislation.  I think Secretary of State-elect Bowen's legislation 
would have increased the pool of poll workers at much less cost, as 
well as instilled a culture of voting and election service among the 
Best regards,
At 10:15 AM -0800 11/28/06, Richard C. Johnson wrote:
>I would disassociate "age" and "quality" with respect to poll 
>workers.  I don't think they are related, except maybe positively. 
>Rather, as Jim says, retired people are available for work on 
>election day.  I  agree with his suggestion to hold elections on a 
>holiday or weekend, when more people could participate.  I think the 
>strongest determinants of poor poll worker performance are (1) pay 
>and (2) training.  IMHO.
>-- Dick
> wrote:
>I think an element that is missing from most discussions is
>the poor quality of poll workers. I'm told their average age
>is 72. In any case, having election day on a work day makes
>it hard to get very good poll workers, and discriminates
>against workers, especially those with 2 jobs.
>Congress should either (1) move Veterans Day to election day,
>or (2) move it to Saturday. I think Saturday is better because
>it allows people to stay up late if necessary, and to get some rest
>the next day.
>Jim Soper
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